5 Simple Tips for Better Skin

5 Simple Tips for Better Skin

Hydrating from within, loading up on fiber and using sunscreen every day can really make a noticeable difference in your skin. Here are a few simple tips to achieve that covetable Everyday Radiance!



1) Increase Fiber

Rather than cutting anything out of your diet, try adding more fiber. Loading up on oats, pulses and all of the veggies will raise your daily fiber intake and help remove toxins from the body. Your gut is linked to pretty much every other part of your body, including your skin and by increasing your fiber intake you can help your body remove free radicals before they cause damage to your beautiful skin cells. 


2) Sunscreen

We promise you'll be thankful in the long run for never leaving the house without SPF on. Everyone loves a summer glow but there's no excuse for encouraging fine lines and wrinkles when there's so many great ways to fake it. Find one that doesn't clog your pores and prepare to thank yourself when you're a flawless octogenarian!


3) Collagen Supplements

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies and is the building block of our skin. BUT... our collagen levels start decreasing once you hit the old age of 25, dropping by 1.7% every year. 

Studies have linked supplementing with collagen to improvements in skin elasticity and hydration, and reduction of wrinkles and dryness. Each sachet of Gloh. Beauty Powder contains a huge 5000mg of marine collagen peptides to rebuild your collagen levels and keep skin firm, elastic and glowing. 


4) Sleep

Who else stays up until a leeetle past their bedtime watching RHOBH? No one? 

It's a hard habit to break but you will love the results of a solid 8-9 hours of sleep every night. Sleep allows the body to repair itself and this includes the skin barrier. Skin cells renew, grow and heal whilst your dreaming of your next NAP purchase so next time you have a spot or feel a little crepey, get an extra few hours of sleep and see a plump, glowy face in the morning. 


5) Hydrate

Ok ok, it's not got the same allure as a frozen marg or even a diet coke but water really is the cure-all, especially when it comes to skin. Aim for 2 liters a day to help flush out impurities and hydrate your skin cells from within.

Our Beauty Powder is designed to make this (seemingly mammoth) task a little less daunting. Our skincare super blend has a lightly peachy taste to help you get your water in - try adding it to a liter bottle, shaking it up and seeing how yummy hitting those hydration goals can be.