Collagen for Skin Health

Collagen for Skin Health

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It’s the beauty and wellness buzzword, but do you actually know what it is and why we need it? It’s so easy to slap on a few face creams and hope for the best, but if you’re not taking care of your skin at a cellular level it can be hard to achieve radiant skin on the outside.


Let’s break down the facts and see how it can be put to work in maintaining that coveted glow.




Collagen is the protein that makes up our skin, hair and nails.The protein in collagen is made up of amino acids which are found in our connective tissue, cartilage, bone and skin.

An easy way to think about collagen is as the building blocks that hold everything together!


Collagen makes up nearly 80% of you skin and is found in the dermis (middle) layer. Together with elastin, it works to strengthen the skin and make sure it snaps back into place when stretched.


However, after the age of 25 collagen production starts to slow down and lose around 1% a year - thats when those annoying fine lines and wrinkles start appearing.


A 2015 study found oral supplementation of collagen peptides increased skin hydration after being taken for eight weeks*. They found that the collagen density in the dermis had significantly increased, with the results continuing even after 12 weeks.

In another study, skin elasticity was shown to be significantly improved after taking collagen peptides for four weeks**.


Skin cells take an average of 27 days to renew, so committing to collagen in your diet shouldn’t be a short-term solution. Unlike that new foundation or facemask, you won’t see a difference after the first use, however after a month of drinking your skincare you should be able to see the glow difference.



Gloh. contains 100% of the recommended daily amount of Biotin, the hair-growth vitamin, however there is evidence that collagen can support the proteins that build hair tissue***, which can prevent hair loss and encourage new hair growth.

Say hello to Rapunzel locks!



When you’re taking care of you body properly, you just feel radiant! There is no better way to get glowing skin that to log some serious sleep hours and drink water all day everyday.


If you want to add collagen to your diet, you could try adding protein-rich foods like meat, fish and dairy daily, however if those aren’t your thing, try adding a collagen supplement to boost your intake.


Gloh. Beauty Powder contains 5000mg of Marine Collagen Peptides, which are highly bioavailable meaning that your body finds them easy to break down and put to work.


Along with Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin and Vitamins A, B2, B6 and B12, each sachet is a powerhouse

of skin-loving ingredients to boost your hydration and radiance in one easy glass of water.


Simply add a sachet to your water, juice or smoothie daily and share your results with #EverydayRadiance.