Frazzled, parched hair can be the result of cold winters, haircare neglect or even birth control and menopause.

If your hair’s looking dull and feeling damaged, here’s your action list to restore every hair type to its former glory.


  • Thick, shiny hair starts from within

Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. When we ingest protein through our diets our bodies prioritise the boring but essentials tasks (like breathing) first and leave the rest for your hair, skin and nails to fight over. Supplementing with extra protein can help support shiny, fuller hair. Gloh. Beauty Powder packs a huge 5000mg of protein in every sachet in the form of Marine Collagen Peptides to support healthy hair growth.


We also include Biotin and Vitamins B2, B6 and B12 in Beauty Powder to nourish your hair from within. Biotin is a hair-loving vitamin that can reduce breakage, combat hair loss and help support the maintenance of normal hair. It’s super important for energy production, feeding cells to help keep nails and skin healthy.


Just add one sachet of Gloh. Beauty Powder to your water everyday for a fun and tasty way to improve your overall hair health, elasticity and strength.


Here’s a review from one of our customers who was struggling with menopausal hair loss:

“Never having tried any beauty supplements at all, l approached this product with a degree of scepticism. I was however eager to change my fizzy, dry, menopausal hair which was falling out in chunks.
I am only half-way through my first box but the difference is really beginning to show. Softer, shinier, fuller hair that is shedding far less. I was very pleasantly surprised and will most certainly be continuing with Gloh. Easy to take with a pleasant taste. I highly recommend such an affordable product.”
- KA, London


  • Scrub that scalp

We all love to give our faces a good exfoliation but have you tried exfoliating your scalp? Just like the pores on our face, our scalp can experience a build-up of product which makes it so much harder for your hair to grow and thrive. Try using a clarifying shampoo (we love this Neutrogena one) or, a Gloh. favourite, a scalp massage brush.


  • Silk is your best hair friend

Invest in some silk hair scrunchies and even a pillowcase. Sleeping on silk will reduce the friction your hair experiences overnight, which over time can lead to less split ends and damage.

We all know that horrid sound / feeling of a hair snapping when you pull out your ponytail so make the swap to silk hair ties to lessen breakage (plus they elevate your everyday bun).


  • Brush baby

Brushing your hair not only feels like heaven but using boar-bristle brush will help spread the natural oils from your scalp through the hair strands and keep hair looking silky and smooth. Always start from the ends to work out any knots and gently work your way up as you detangle. Wet hair loves a wide tooth comb and VERY gentle touch. 😊



You’ll be swinging your hair around like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman in no time.